Our Family

Our Family

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday John!!!!!

Well everyone, today is my brother John's 19th birthday! Yay!!!!! He has grown up soooo fast. Today I bet he's going to go to classes, soccer practice, and then his roommates will throw him a birthday bash. Otherwise, I see him going home to celebrate. Wish we could be there!

I have the BEST funny story about John ever. This also took place while I was in Utah--unfortunately. I would've loved to have been there. So John usually had his friend Pablo cut his hair on a pretty regular basis. But one day, John decided that it wasn't so hard and he could do it himself. He pulled out the razor, flipped it on, and began down the center of his head. He forgot to put the guard on. HA! You could've ridden a hotwheel down that groove! He stopped, stared in the mirror, and went into shock. He kept almost laughing but stopping short in disbelief. Poor kid! He was soo proud of his hair too! He couldn't bring himself to shave off the rest so he wore a beanie to school the next day. He almost got away with it! At the end of the day when he was with his soccer team, his coach laughingly pulled off his beanie and the entire team stared at him in shocked silence! He came home that day and immediately shaved the rest off. Of course, it's impossible to keep John down. All the girls still swooned and told him he looked just like David Beckham.
Well John, 19 is a crazy age especially for you. Don't stress! Enjoy it! You're also officially elligible for a mission. I hear Hawaii is pretty nice! Love you John! Happy birthday!!!!!

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