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Our Family

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Vote! Vote! Vote!

I am currently taking a Japanese cultural history class. It's a new experience for me, but I love it. The main focus of the class is on a research paper due in April. Our paper has to be based on a primary source (meaning an original document). I have chosen the 1904 Russo-Japanese War as my focus. I have 10 possible postcard images to choose from. However, I can't choose!!! They each would make for an awesome paper. So....I was wondering, would my friends and family be willing to help? If you are willing, THANK YOU! I know I could just choose without hosting a vote. However, I think it's fun sometimes to include others in the decision making process. Love you all!

"Asia Rising" is depicting Japanese newsboys selling the headlines from the Russo-Japanese War. It shows the different classes of people interested in the war and the dispersal of news in mass quantities.
"Ujima". I don't know the significance of the title yet--hence, further research to do. This postcard illustrates the national unity and common interest in the war. It also shows how westernized society is.

"Children Holding Japanese and Russian Flags" is a little confusing right now. I'm not sure if it's a cops and robbers type of game. Maybe it's just showing how involved the children of Japan are. I'm also interested to see why the one kid is holding an American flag.

"Mother and Child Giving Soldier a Send-Off" This shows the common interest all Japanese citizens have in the war. It also illustrates the homefront for the first time in media.

"News From the Seat of the War" Same message as the previous one, but different depiction. Shows that everyone is waiting for a letter. Helps to inspire national unity.
"Nurse Holding a Branch of Camellia" This is a Red Cross Nurse. The public was proud of their nurses because it emphasized the global participation of Japan as well as their humanitarian efforts. "Nurse Holding a Cherry Blossom" Illustrates the exact same thing as the former. However, there may be some cultural background to the iconic cherry blossom that I could pull in."Nurse Looking Over a Wounded Soldier" This postcard is really cool. When it's held up to the light the soldier appears. I'm not yet sure why the artist would have done this. I'm pretty sure once I begin researching that some cool explanations will come up. Otherwise, it depicts the same thing as the first 2 nurse postcards."Returning Home" This shows the Japanese soldier as a father, coming home in victory. It illustrates family relationships. Lifting the child over his face could signify the rising of a younger generation whose future as a world power is secured by the preceding generation. I could also draw something in about the "way of the warrior" (bushido) being passed on to the next generation.


  1. I vote, either Asia risings or the children holding the different flags. I think that both post cards can lead to different aspects of your essay. For example, the children post card you can explain the background and significance children had in the war, the historical background of the flags, and the background of the cops and robbers like game - that relates to how barbaric the war was or something like that. Same goes for the Asia rising one...the different headlines all have some kind of different approach or perspective to the war, that also leads to some kind of propaganda argument...which actually could be used with ANY of the post cards....GOOD LUCK!

    haha wow, I'm pathetic, I love to write research papers! lol

  2. I like all the questions you have about "Children Holding Japanese and Russian Flags" and want them answered, so that is my vote.