Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Developments

The MOST exciting news ever: JT got promoted to lead teller at Wells Fargo!!!! He has worked sooo hard for this promotion. He managed to grab it at a record speed of four months. That is nearly unheard of. In fact, in California it takes a required minimum of 9 months to become a lead teller. He's just that amazing. For a while JT has known that there was an opening position and so he took the initiative and asked that his name be added to the pot. The managers soon picked up on how well he does his job, how thorough his knowledge is, and how great his customer service skills are. BINGO! The only problem is that there was another teller up for the same position. The managers are out of town until Monday and they want to tell him they gave the job to JT in person. So until then, JT has to keep it quiet from everyone at the bank. It is soooooo celebration time!!!!!

On another note, we had decided to sell with APX alarm systems this summer. This week we found out that we will be going to Little Rock, Arkansas! I'm not thrilled about being in the midwest for the summer, but my experience with Missouri in July tells me that I can at least handle it. I think we are mostly excited for the drive down there though! We will be driving through Colorado, Kansas, and Missouri. I have family in all three states and JT has an awesome aunt and uncle in Kansas. We plan on taking some time to visit. Being the nerdy history major, I am REALLY excited about Little Rock because of its historical significance with the civil rights movement. Little Rock Highschool is where the 9 African American students (the Little Rock 9) agreed to integrate into an all-White school as a result of the Brown v. the Board of Education ruling from the Supreme Court. The school, parents, and even city officials refused to support it and President Eisenhower ended up having to send in the National Guard to protect these kids from their own community! I can't wait to visit and see what kind of digging I can do around in the local libraries!!!!!

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  1. How exciting. If your interested I have a few friends that are selling alarms here in Southern California. They just talk wonders about the company. After my experiences with pest control I just wanted to make sure you know people that had worked for your same company. It's scary because some of these sales companies are shady. If you have any questions give me a call.