Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

Yesterday was the most fun day in the HISTORY of Valentine's Day! I was so glad we ditched the whole romantic candlelit dinner thing. We don't have kids yet so nights like those aren't very rare. JT had an APX cabin meeting Friday night and wanted to leave me with some valentine love. Wasn't he sweet?! He said the store didn't have a bouquet pretty enough for me. So he bought two and mixed them. He also sprinkled the floor with rose petals (although it's hard to see in the picture) and put roses in the glasses we drank from the night of our wedding. The balloons he also bought me are a necessary part of the story. You'll see.

JT didn't get home from his APX cabin fun until 3am yesterday because the roads froze over. We gave in and decided to sleep in on Valentine's Day. Around noon we finally got out the door and over to his APX manager's house to meet up for snowmobiling in Springville. The three of us headed up the canyon (Darren's wife planned to come up later) and found the official snowmobiling spot. We had a little trouble getting one of them to start...so I let JT ride that one. :) The roads up there were really bad. We didn't have too much trouble since Darren's car has four wheel drive. His wife's car, however, would not be able to make it. Darren left us there when we realized that without reception on the mountain, there would be no way to tell her to not even attempt the drive. It was good that he left us when he did because Adria was already on her way up.

JT and I were left to our own devices for a while. I have never ridden a snowmobile before. I am a big fan now. It was a little too fast for comfort right off the bat. I wish that I had taken my mom's advice and brought a helmet. The path had a LOT of trees in the area. Before long, JT's snowmobile died and got stuck! Since the machines are so loud though, I didn't know he wasn't behind me until I turned to look and saw him back there. I stopped and began trying to pull myself around. I got stuck in a snowbank....and then I tipped the snowmobile over on its side. I laughed because of course, I would be skilled enough to pull that off within 10 minutes! I waved to JT to let him know I was ok and then literally (the snow was REALLY deep) dove into the bank to begin digging the machine out. JT decided that getting me out of the snowbank was the priority and ran out to help. Between the two of us we got it out pretty quickly. The snow came up to mid-thigh.

Once freed, we drove my snowmobile over to JT's and he proceeded to work with his. At one point he hooked his up to mine and I tried to drag his out of the rut. We eventually got his freed and headed back to the road to meet Darren and Adria. We came right on time since Darren was ready to come looking for us. After that adventure I decided that my preferred spot would be behind JT on his snowmobile, taking in the scenery. It was soo beautiful! I was awe struck by the beauty of the place and the perfect works of God. I wondered if we would have snowmobiles in heaven. I hope so! This picture is one I found on the internet since it was a little difficult to take pictures out there. I picked this photo because it looked EXACTLY like where we went, except for the fact that there were more trees around the pathway.

We had sooooo much fun! The snow kept coming down really hard and the sky was grey. We were IN the mountains and we couldn't see them! We made our way to a clearing and had a lot of fun riding the snowmobiles around. Walking through the snow was REALLY hard and sometimes I'd take a step and be in up to my thighs again. I let myself fall off the machine into the snow a few times because it was easier than trying to step off of it. Well, eventually we had enough of the cold and realized that as bad as the meadow was geting, the roads would be getting worse. We got downhill safely and enjoyed a Valentine's Day cookie with Darren and Adria before heading home for a quick nap. It was after 5pm by this time.

I had forgotten to get together supplies for a Valentine's Day dinner so JT called Outback. That was impossible with a 2 HOUR wait! We ended up calling ahead our order to Cafe Rio and JT ran out to grab it. Yummy!!!!

We then pulled out our kitchen table and set it up in the living room. We put in What Happens In Vegas and painted a mug and cereal bowl for each other. So much fun!!!!

Afterwards we headed out at 11:30 pm for strawberry smoothies from Sonic! From start to finish, our Valentine's Day was amaaaaaaazing!


  1. What a fun Valentines Day!! sounds like you guys had a blast!!

  2. You guys know how to have fun :)