Our Family

Our Family

Thursday, February 19, 2009

He proposed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

two years ago, that is. We have this strange obsession with celebrating every anniversary we can come up with. I guess it comes from working so hard for what we have. So...two years ago today JT proposed to me!
Proposal story:
He drove out to Utah from California and told me he was with his siblings while he picked up my ring. On Sunday we went to my ward and things went like normal...or so I thought. While I was sitting in Relief Society, he had talked my roommates into taking off and leaving him the keys to the apartment. Stacie was particularly suave and left the key in the bathroom for him! I would never have known. Anyways, while I was occupied he ran back to the apartment and lit candles all over the place! I think that the most beautiful place I've ever been is the Huntington Gardens. I love being surrounded by flowers and greenery. Knowing that those gardens are not in Utah, JT tried to recreate it for me and stuck red roses in all the couch cushions. He made it look like they were growing out of the couch! Then he sprinkled red roses across the floor. JT made it back to church in enough time to pick me up, with me none the wiser. I had a lot of stuff from Relief Society I was bringing home so I wanted to get through the door fast to dump it off. He asked me to wait so he could open the door for me, and I was stubborn as usual and chose to barge right ahead! I stopped dead when I saw everything. I turned to him, smiled, and said "can I first go put my stuff down?". Classic right? I did and came back out. He told me that he had put something in the couch cushions for me. I didn't know that this was just an excuse to get me to turn around so he could get down on one knee. I started digging to China in that couch!!! He had to phsyically turn me around to get me to look at him! He proposed, I cried, said yes, and it was over. I had officially been propositioned for marriage. We went to see his parents that night and then went to breakfast at Kneaders with them in the morning. For lunch we went to Leatherby's and ate a lot of ice cream. The end.
So today we recreated as much as we dared. We had breakfast at Kneaders together, took pictures outside of Leatherby's since it closed, and had ice cream from Coldstone (dang it Leatherby's!). The whole day was super fun! JT got the day off work and I ditched classes. Today has been another fabulous day with that fabulous husband of mine. Happy February 18th everybody!

February 18, 2007

February 18, 2009


  1. Ok, I am really impressed with the candles with your pictures all over them!

    Congrats on another anniversary!

    Stan and I like to celebrate our engagement anniversary each year, too, because it took so much work to get there :)

  2. I totally remember that!!! I went over to Doug's so that you two could be alone! Sigh...ah, the memories!

  3. Hey my sweatshirt makes an appearance. Hahaha!!!