Our Family

Our Family

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine Addendum

I forgot to include the story about the balloons.
After we finished painting, we sat back on the couch to finish the rest of the movie. Suddenly, we heard a loud crashing noise from the next room! We were shocked by the sheer volume and didn't have time to collect our thoughts before the perpetrator made herself known: Snickers. She came RACING at top speed through across the living room. She was running for her LIFE! We found out why. Following Snickers into the room was my Valentine's Day balloon. She had taken a liking to it and had dragged it into the office earlier in the day to play with. We are guessing that in the midst of the lighthearted play she wound the string around her leg. Suddenly the fun balloon was an evil demon chasing her down!!! IT WAS HILARIOUS. She was running away from a balloon that was attached to her back leg. She tried to lose it in the living room and took off under the television. We saw her exit out the other side, finally free of the balloon. She wouldn't come out of the office again for a while! JT and I sat there in stunned silence, looked at each other, and then burst out into uncontrollable laughter!!!!! Ahhhh good times.

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  1. ok, seriously, i was Crying with laughter while reading this because i can SOO picture it happening, lol. At first i thoguht you were going to say she had popped it, but being stuck to it was SOO much funnier, .lol :)