Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Well Fargo

JT has set his sights on becoming a personal banker for Wells Fargo ever since he was hired on part-time while still in the Marine Corps. He became close friends with the bankers at his Provo branch and has done everything he could to teach himself the ropes. So needless to say, when a banker position opened at his branch, JT was ready to throw in his name for the promotion. We were so excited for this! JT works so hard and he excels so well. I really wanted to see him get this! He works himself ragged with full-time school and 2 jobs. He deserved this promotion. He really really did!

The week leading up to his interview with the regional manager was pretty intense. JT was drilling all the bankers about their interviews and trying to memorize his numbers and talking points. The numbers weren't hard. There really isn't anything he tries that he isn't good at! His ambition and potential are obvious. He was so confident going into that meeting!

It paid off big time! He found out a few days later that he was a new personal banker! I was soo happy for him. JT could finally quit his evening job and earn a break. I'm so proud of him! I don't know how many time and how many ways I could possibly say that! It's so true though. No matter what, he will be working at something that challenges him, pays more, and gives him the opportunity to be home before 9:30 pm to be with his family! Good job JT! I love you!

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