Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Provo Baby Shower

The second week in October was our coed Provo baby shower! My sisters-in-law worked hard pulling it all together. To tell the truth.....it SO paid off! It was wonderful! I'm so glad they're all so much more creative than I am. It was decorated so cute! The Maglebys were our gracious hosts and fun participants. We're so glad they like us! :)

The snacks were very yummy. I had one foot-in-mouth moment where someone brought me a cupcake and I looked around to make sure Katie wasn't there, and then proceeded to say that I don't really like frosting. Guess who was sitting directly behind me? Oh yes, Katie called me out on it.

JT enjoyed the football game in the basement for the most part, but joined me in time for present opening. Before we were allowed to open presents, there was a slideshow presentation. It was so sweet! There were baby pictures of JT and me that progressed to our pregnancy. It was very thoughtful. Afterwards we began opening presents and I couldn't believe how generous everyone was! Delilah and Porter better know that they're loved! We sure felt like it. All we could say was thank-you. So now it's time to start that nursery!

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