Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We moved!!!!!

I can't believe we actually did it! We up and decided to move in a matter of days! How did this fever come upon us? Well, we weren't too thrilled with the state of our apartment and knew that it would be a big challenge with the twins on the way. But the clincher was when our neighbors on the back half of our duplex told us THEY were moving and had sold their contract in a day! We thought, why not us?? We found a place almost immediately!
Then began the intricate issue of packing up! Christina and Joe lived closest to us and they were so nice about coming over to help out a ton! JT realized he needed another man around to help them lift things so we had to ask Nathan to come down from Salt Lake to help. We felt really bad for having to ask him to make the trip. At least he had Katie to keep him company for the drive!
We got everything packed up into a loading van and over to the new place in practically a day! Once there we only had the uhaul for an hour before it would cost us another $40. JT and I began frantically calling almost anyone we had a phone number for! Thankfully Joe and Nathan were able to show up again. Then our friends Alex and Davis took pity on us and came as well! We were so grateful for them all! They got that truck unloaded in about 45 minutes! They were amazing! I of course say they because I sat on a chair the whole time thinking "that sure looks like hard work!"

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