Our Family

Our Family

Monday, November 30, 2009

Our New Ward

***for those of you waiting to see Thanksgiving pictures (if there are any of you out there), there will be a new post for them as soon as I figure out how to work that camera of ours!

Yesterday as JT and I snuggled into bed for the night, he turned to me and told me how grateful he is for our new ward. I couldn't help but agree! That morning I had been trying to rush him to get ready for church and he told me, "we won't miss church! we LIKE this ward!". Now don't think that we go inactive every time we dislike a ward or anything. ;) It just makes it so much pleasanter to go!
To begin with, the ward is absolutely tiny!!! There is always plenty of room in the chapel. When we picked up our ward roster there were about (probably less) 150 families on it! The entire roster was ONE page long! They don't even have enough people to fill all the callings they need. JT got VERY nervous to see that they're missing a Young Men's secretary....HAHAHA...we'll see. We thought it was great that the bishop was able to gather the entire ward (minus the primary) into the Relief Society room. There's no chance of anyone getting lost in a ward like this. Quite frankly, since our homeward, this is the first time we haven't felt lost.
Everyone is so friendly and caring. We constantly have people coming up to us to introduce themselves or to say hello again after having already done so! I've never had so many people throw their arms around my shoulders and say "howdy neighbor!" Neighbor is the right word to use by the way. Of the 30 or so homes on our street, only one has an inactive family and the rest are all members of our ward! Everyone we meet wants us to know exactly where they live in relation to us. We feel bad when we can't honestly say we remember the house with the trees...or the other house that has a red door...their enthusiasm is heartwarming though. We welcome it.
Lastly, they have been so understanding about our situation! It's only been 2 Sundays since we moved in and they've already got the cavalry afoot. One sister 2 doors down has been by to visit us and even randomly brought us dinner the day before they left for Thanksgiving! This Sunday JT and I got passed the Relief Society binder and the front page had an entire paragraph introducing me and my condition! The list below for weekly meals was COMPLETELY full and it hadn't even been passed to half the room yet. To top it off, the Relief Society President and her compassionate service leader will be visiting us tomorrow night to accurately assess our needs.
Honestly, I didn't know that sisterly/wardly (if that's a word!) existed like this. JT and I feel so blessed. We aren't sure how miracles like this ward exist, but we are very grateful. If we spend the rest of our kids' lives on this block, it would be ok. We know that they'll be loved.

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  1. That is so awesome that the people in your ward are taking care of you guys. What a blessing!! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, I'll have to catch up with you soon :)