Our Family

Our Family

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Maternity Photo Shoot

About 3 weeks ago (I was 27 weeks pregnant) we met a photographer over at a park in West Provo and took some pictures. We plan to use them in Porter & Delilah's baby books and in their nursery. I think they came out really well! I have to admit, it's weird to see myself so big! But there are two little ones in there with a never-ending appetite. I'm sure we'll also use these pictures for our Christmas card! Now the problem....which to choose?!

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  1. The pictures look GREAT! There is something so beautiful about an expectant mother, and you're expecting two so I guess you're doubly beautiful :) I'm glad you were able to have a couple of baby showers-- aren't they great? I still need to call you! Don't worry, I haven't forgotten.