Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How quickly they change

I cannot believe how quickly they have begun to grow up. I keep begging them to stop. I want to keep my little babies forever! As I type this Delilah is falling asleep in her swing and Porter is eating his hands while playing with his toys. It's ONLY been 3 months!!!! What's up with that?!?! I'm almost afraid to weigh them. It's like knowing their weight will solidify the fact that my newborns have disappeared.
However, this new phase of life for them is stinkin CUTE!!
Delilah totally beat Porter out in the chubby cheeks category. I love kissing them all day long. She's absolutely beautiful. She just started smiling and laughing recently and melts our hearts everytime she does. I'm consistenly amazed by her dainty little princess-like ways. Too bad along with the royalty comes the princess-and-the-pea complex. She REFUSES to sleep on anything less than a pillowtop mattress. We went against all baby bedding standards and put a foam topper on her mattress. Although her favorite is our bed, she will now most times deign to nap in her own crib. Delilah is very strong too. She's been holding her head up for a while now and has no problem holding herself up when placed on her tummy. But the crying will let you know that she's not thrilled to be there. She's definitely started crying less. Although less for her is still more than Porter, it's a start. Her babbling is sufficient to get our attention. She knows how to twist us around her little fingers.
Porter is a charmer and quite possibly the happiest baby I have ever seen! It can be really frustrating when we want to "reprimand" him for not sleeping and he flashes us the biggest grin and giggle we've ever seen. How can you stay mad at a cutie like that?!?!?! It's not fair. Sometimes JT and I will be talking amongst ourselves and look over to see him grinning at us. He's a fun one. Porter has also started actively playing with his toys! It's amazing to watch him zero in on a toy, reach out his hand, and actually touch it! I LOVE watching them learn and develop. It's like I can see the thought process behind it all. I'm convinced my babies are geniuses! Porter started (and Delilah soon followed) trying to hold his bottle too. It's usually one handed but he gets a pretty good grip on it. Lastly, his cooing and babbling is quite possibly the most adorable thing we have ever heard.

There you have it. I've fallen in love with my children. I'm torn between wanting them to stay little and being excited to watch them grow. Heavenly Father is the ultimate genius and I'm thrilled to get to care for His perfect little children.

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