Our Family

Our Family

Friday, April 30, 2010

Our finished lamp

Yay I finally did it! I finished spray painting my living room lamp! I've been randomly running to the garage for a few seconds on and off for WEEKS to paint. Enough talking. It's time for some oohing.


Not very special. It was too much brown and not "happy" at all.


I think it's fabulous! The lamp shade was found in the "as is" department of IKEA for $3.50. The white primer was $2-something. The white gloss spray paint was $2-something. Both were purchased from Walmart. I guesstimate that to be somewhere around $10 total! It's given our living room an instant burst of freshness. Yay!

I'm currently still working on a chubby little candlestick. It's going to end up ADORABLE. My next BIG project I'm gonna tackle is our entertainment center. It's made of laminate so it's gonna take some serious sanding, priming, painting, and modge podgeing. So much fun!!!

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