Our Family

Our Family

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

IKEA trip!

Today Anna and I packed the babies up in her car and drove up to IKEA. It was the perfect day to do so. Our air conditioner isn't working so the house is too hot to keep the babies there. I was really nervous with how hot it was yesterday. The entire time the twins were napping I kept running into their nursery to take their temperatures. They were never close to dangerous levels so as uncomfortable as it must've been to sweat while they slept, they were fine.
My real reason for going into IKEA today was to buy a children's tent. I would like to spend some time outdoors working on things and Brandon's outdoor graduation party is Saturday. To keep the babies with me without worrying about their sun exposure, I bought their $10 tent. It's a cute little igloo. :) While there I may have splurged on a few more items.....
*a crib sheet protector
*a serving tray
LAMP SHADES!!!!!! Laugh if you will, but it's so exciting to be updating our living room lamps!
I'll give you a sneak peak of the lamp shades but you'll have to stick around for true before and after photos. I have some work to do with the lamps. Walmart was kind enough to supply me with a couple cans of spray paint. I'll let you know how it goes.
We also stopped at a really cute antique/boutique/consignment shop next to Thanksgiving Point. There was a good diversity of things and although there were some pricier items, a good portion was actually reasonable! I almost got 2 signs that said "My prince, my joy" and "my princess, my joy". I decided to hold off.
Anna and Brandon let us stay while we waited for JT to show up. After fixing the A/C issue JT came over and they grilled hamburgers for us! Anna experimented with making corn on the cob in sea salt water. I'M A FAN! I'll definitely be trying it again. We're so glad to have them here! They're awesome family and friends. We'll definitely miss them when they head off to Vanderbilt.

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